Some €55 million in military aid given by Ireland to Ukraine (2023)

Ireland has contributed €55 million worth of military aid to Ukraine since the Russia invasion seven months ago.

This represents Ireland’s “full share” of the €2.5 billion military aid package provided to Ukraine through the EU, according to figures from the Department of Defence.

The funding is delivered through the European Peace Facility (EPF). Much of the European Defence Fund (EDF) goes toward offensive weapons to aid Ukraine resist and turn back the Russia invasion, which began in February.

However, under a pre-existing agreement, Irish funds are used exclusively for non-lethal military assistance. The 2020 Programme for Government committed to not funding lethal weapons through the EPF, except for peacekeeping purposes.


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Irish money, along with money from Malta and Austria, goes into a discreet stream of EDF funding which is used for the purchase of items such as body armour, medical supplies and rations for Ukraine’s military.

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As part of the Government’s commitment to the EPF, 5,000 “ready-to-eat” meals and 200 units of body armour were provided to Ukraine’s military last March from Defence Forces stocks. “This practical assistance is a further tangible demonstration of Ireland’s support for and solidarity with the people of Ukraine,” said a department spokeswoman. She also pointed to logistical, housing and civil defence support provided to Ukrainian refugees who have arrived here since the start of the conflict.

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Established in 2021 the EPF creates a provision for up to €5 billion in EU funding “to provide all types of equipment and infrastructure to the armed forces of EU partners, in compliance with international human rights law and international humanitarian law”.

The funding comes from outside the EU budget and is decided on a case-by-case basis over a seven-year term.

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At the start of the war the EU committed €500 million from the fund to assist Ukraine. This has been increased on five occasions since. About half of the EDF’s seven-year budget has been spent on Ukraine in the last seven months and more increases are expected.

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Some of the funding has been used to reimburse EU countries that have sent their own military equipment to Ukraine.

A decision will be made early next year on increasing the maximum budget of the EPF in the event it is exceeded as a result of the war.

Ireland has also committed to assisting with a proposed EU training mission for Ukrainian troops. The training will take place in an EU country outside Ukraine and the Defence Forces is expected to contribute a small number of personnel.


How much has Ireland given to Ukraine? ›

To date, the CERF has allocated €55 million to Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Who is giving most military aid to Ukraine? ›

With additional data through January 15, 2023 the US again takes the lead. Adding pledges of nearly 37 billion euros in December, the Americans have earmarked a total of just over 73.1 billion euros for Ukraine support. For the EU, the comparable figure is 54.9 billion euros.

Which country has Donated most to Ukraine? ›

Over the analyzed period, the United States committed a total of $46.6 billion (excluding the value of provided weapons and equipment). The second-ranked country, the United Kingdom, pledged just $5.1 billion.

How much money does Ireland give in foreign aid? ›

In 2021, the Government of Ireland invested more than €976 million in Official Development Assistance. The majority of this funding (€569 million) was overseen and managed by the Department of Foreign Affairs through the government's international development programme.

How much are Ukrainian refugees paid in Ireland? ›

"The money is too much for refugees”. Ukrainian refugees who arrive in Ireland are entitled to social welfare payments of €208 per week, while they are also entitled to Child Benefit. “I felt like I was taking someone else's money," said Khrystyna. "Maybe this money could be better spent on the Irish population.

How much has the Irish Red Cross raised in Ukraine? ›

Ukraine crisis: Irish Red Cross hails 'people of Ireland' for €42m in donations.

How much has Canada given to Ukraine? ›

Since January 2014, Canada has been one of Ukraine's leading bilateral development assistance partners, having committed more than $250 million in development assistance.

Who is sending most weapons to Ukraine? ›

Nato members have pledged to send more ammunition to Ukraine, to make sure its armed forces don't run short. The US, the UK and Germany are also sending tanks, and Germany is allowing other Western countries to send German-made tanks from their fleets.

How much military aid to Ukraine from UK? ›

In total, the UK provided £2.3bn of military aid to Ukraine in 2022 – more than any other nation except the United States – and the government has committed to sustain the same level of funding in 2023.

What is Ukraine doing with donated money? ›

Supporting people fleeing the conflict

They have been providing shelter, food, psychological support and cash to buy essentials such as food or medicines to people who have had to leave everything behind.

What military aid is being sent to Ukraine? ›

The United States will transfer military equipment worth up to $400 million to Ukraine to aid its defense against the Russian invasion, Defense Department officials said today. This security assistance package features ammunition and support equipment to meet Ukraine's critical security and defense needs.

How much money has Latvia donated to Ukraine? ›

“Now Latvia is one of the foremost countries to provide military assistance to Ukraine. We have provided military assistance, military equipment worth more than 300 million euros. These are howitzers, drones, as well as other facilities, such as equipment for military personnel.

How much money does the US give Ireland? ›

U.S. Assistance to Ireland

The U.S. government has contributed more than $549 million to the IFI since its establishment.

What country has Ireland given aid to? ›

Irish Aid also works in a number of other countries affected by conflict, including; Liberia, Palestine, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.

How much money do refugees get in Ireland? ›

A weekly payment of €38.80 per adult and €29.80 per child.

What benefits do refugees get in Ireland? ›

Rights of people with international protection

Access education and training. Get the same medical care and apply for the same social welfare and housing supports as an Irish citizen.

Do you get 350 per person from Ukraine? ›

Council tax discounts will not be affected if you sponsor and host a household from Ukraine in your home. We are offering a £350 a month 'thank you' payment to all sponsors – this will not affect any council tax discounts.

What did Ireland do to help Ukraine? ›

“This medical aid is further evidence of Ireland's continued solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Irish Aid's prepositioned humanitarian funding enabled UN agencies and the Red Cross to respond immediately to help those affected by the Russian invasion.

What is the Irish Red Cross doing in Ukraine? ›

In Ukraine, more than 4,000 Red Cross volunteers are responding and are delivering urgent assistance such as food, water, fuel for heating, hygiene items and medical supplies.

How much has Canada donated to Red Cross for Ukraine? ›

Donations will enable the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement to respond to humanitarian needs in Ukraine and surrounding countries, which includes immediate and ongoing relief efforts. To date, the Canadian Red Cross: has contributed more than $122 million to the humanitarian response.

How much money Ukrainian refugees are getting in Canada? ›

Ukrainians arriving in Canada through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) pathway are eligible for a one-time payment from the Canadian government. The financial assistance is a direct deposit, one-time, non-taxable benefit payment of $3,000 per adult and $1,500 per child (age 17 and under).

How much does Canada get from Russia? ›

Industry Canada data show that between March and December 2022, the value of total imports from Russia plunged 78 per cent to $414 million, from $1.9 billion during the same eight-month period in 2021.

How many tanks did Canada send to Ukraine? ›

Canada will donate four additional Leopard 2 main battle tanks to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, growing Canada's contribution to eight tanks in total, Trudeau said.

How many tanks has Ukraine lost? ›

Ukrainian losses have been less well-documented. The IISS estimates between 450 and 700 Ukrainian tank losses, leaving about 950 operational, according to the report. Western tanks have been promised to Kyiv but are yet to arrive.

How many tanks does Russia have left? ›

While it's true that Russia has in storage some 10,000 old tanks—T-62s, T-72s and T-80s—many have been sitting outside, exposed to the elements and looters, for decades.

How much money is UK giving to Ukraine? ›

The UK is already the second largest military donor to Ukraine, committing £2.3bn in 2022.

How much has France given to Ukraine? ›

France was the largest arms exporter to Ukraine between 2014 and 2020 with over €1.6 billion worth of weapons provided.

How much military aid goes to Ukraine? ›

the Biden Administration has committed more than $31.7 billion in security assistance since the start of the 2022 war. (USAI; P.L. 114-92, §1250); and $4.73 billion in Foreign Military Financing (FMF; 22 U.S.C. §2763) for Ukraine and “countries impacted by the situation in Ukraine.”

Who pays for weapons to Ukraine? ›

The U.S. has been by far the largest supplier of military aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia, providing $15.2 billion in weapons packages to date since Moscow invaded its neighbor in late February.

What is the biggest donation to Ukraine? ›

Fidelity Charitable's $11.2B in grants in 2022 breaks record. Here are some of the largest publicly-known private donations to support Ukraine and Ukrainians in the past year.

Who is collecting clothes for Ukraine? ›

What charities are taking donations for Ukraine?
  • The British Red Cross.
  • With Ukraine.
  • Voices of Children.
  • Revived Soldiers of Ukraine.
  • Save The Children Emergency Fund.
  • UNHCR refugee agency.
Mar 21, 2022

What organizations are collecting money for Ukraine? ›

Donate to the Red Cross
  • United Way's United for Ukraine Fund.
  • International Rescue Committee.
  • Save the Children.
  • World Central Kitchen.
  • Nova Ukraine.
  • CARE.
  • Center for Disaster Philanthropy.
Apr 1, 2022

How much has NATO sent to Ukraine? ›

Since Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the 30 members of the military alliance have committed at least $80bn worth of military, humanitarian and financial aid to Kyiv.

Which country is helping Ukraine? ›

The US is the largest provider of military assistance to Ukraine, having committed $30 billion since the start of the Biden administration. $29.3 billion of that assistance has been provided since February 2022.

How much has Sweden donated to Ukraine? ›

Since February 2022, Sweden contributed more than SEK 14,9 billion to various initiatives that support Ukraine. This also includes support to Moldova due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

How much Sweden donate to Ukraine? ›

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion, Sweden has supplied military assistance worth around 5 billion Swedish krona (over $475 million) to Ukraine, SVT wrote.

What money do Ukrainian refugees get? ›

On 18 March 2022, the government launched the 'Homes for Ukraine' scheme. Under the scheme, those who accommodate refugees of the conflict in Ukraine are given a monthly 'thank you' payment of £350.

Who is Ireland's biggest ally? ›

Due to the ancestral ties between the two countries, Ireland and the US have a strong relationship, both politically and economically, with the US being Ireland's biggest trading partner since 2000.

Is it cheaper to live in Ireland or the US? ›

What is the Cost of Living in Ireland vs. the US? At a country level, the cost of living in Ireland, including housing, is only 10% lower than the cost of living in the USA. However, the United States has many cities that are cheaper to live in than similar cities in Ireland.

Is Ireland one of the richest country in the world? ›

Per capita, Ireland is now considered one of the wealthiest countries in the world and the most affluent in Europe behind Luxemburg. The much-loved Donald Trump did say in 2020, "Ireland is punching way above its weight", and according to recent calculations by financial expèrts, he may not be completely wrong.

Why is Ireland one of the richest countries in the world? ›

Ireland ranks second in the top ten richest nations in the world according to the IMF. Agriculture, food, textile industries, IT and mechanical engineering helped the Irish economy to overtake Singapore, Qatar and even the USA.

Is Ireland the most generous country? ›

Ireland has been named as the most generous country in the world by GoFundMe for the fourth year running.

What countries love Ireland? ›

The people of Ireland have had their fair share of ups and downs over the years.
The 10 Countries Around The World Most Influenced By Ireland
  • Argentina. Buenos Aires. ...
  • China. ...
  • Mexico. ...
  • Paraguay. ...
  • Jamaica. ...
  • South Africa. ...
  • Tanzania. ...
  • India.
Mar 20, 2019

How much money does the US give Mexico each year? ›

The United States is providing nearly $200 million in additional humanitarian assistance through international organizations and NGO partners in Mexico and Central America, bringing our total humanitarian assistance for the region since FY 2018 to more than $594 million.

Does the US give foreign aid to China? ›

In 2003 China received US$1.3 billion in aid, or about US$1 per capita. Like other countries in recent years, the United States has rapidly reduced its aid to China, reaching about $12 million from USAID for 2011.

How much money does America give in foreign aid? ›

In fiscal year 2020 (October 1, 2019 - September 30, 2020), the US government allocated $51.05 billion US dollars in economic and military assistance to foreign countries. Of this total, $39.41 billion dollars was spent on economic assistance, $25.64 billion of which was dispersed by USAID.

How much money has been given for Ukraine? ›

On 5 May, President Macron announced $1.7 billion were donated to Ukraine so far in 2022. Additional financial aid of US$300 million announced on 5 May, bringing the total to US$2 billion.

What does Ukraine supply to Ireland? ›

Russia and Ukraine combine for nearly a third of the world's wheat and barley exports which impact goods such as bread. Ireland is heavily reliant on imported grain, with around 60 per cent of the 5.5 million tonnes used in the country every year being sourced from overseas.

How much money has Britain given to the Ukraine? ›

The UK is already the second largest military donor to Ukraine, committing £2.3bn in 2022.

How many Ukrainian refugees has Ireland taken? ›

The country has taken in more than 62,000 Ukrainians so far and that number could climb to 100,000, proportionately higher than most EU countries, considering Ireland's population is five million.

How much money has Canada given to Ukraine? ›

Since February 2022, Canada has committed over $1 billion in military assistance to Ukraine. We continue to actively look at what more we can do to support Ukraine. Minister Anand remains in close contact with Ukrainian officials through the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, and on a bilateral basis.

What countries are helping Ukraine list? ›

Both the United States and Britain have been steadfast in their backing of Ukraine. All of the members of NATO, as well as Germany, Japan, South Korea, Australia, and Canada, are on record as expressing their support for Ukraine.

Has Ireland sent aid to Ukraine? ›

“This medical aid is further evidence of Ireland's continued solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Irish Aid's prepositioned humanitarian funding enabled UN agencies and the Red Cross to respond immediately to help those affected by the Russian invasion.

What does Ireland buy from Russia? ›

Ireland Imports from RussiaValueYear
Wood and articles of wood, wood charcoal$18.66M2021
Iron and steel$10.05M2021
Pearls, precious stones, metals, coins$8.26M2021
Fish, crustaceans, molluscs, aquatics invertebrates$6.68M2021
90 more rows

What does Russia supply Ireland? ›

(€4.77M), and Medicinal and pharmaceutical products (€4.31M). In November 2022 the top imports of Ireland from Russia were Fertilisers, manufactured (€25.8M), Feeding stuffs for animals, excluding unmilled...

Who has supplied the most arms to Ukraine? ›

Nato members have pledged to send more ammunition in support of Ukraine's war effort against the Russian invasion. The United States is by far the largest contributor of military aid, followed by the UK and the EU.

What is Germany sending to Ukraine? ›

Germany agrees to send its Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine after weeks of pressure German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced Wednesday his country will export more than a dozen of its Leopard 2 battle tanks to Ukraine. The move follows weeks of pressure from Western allies. Special Series.

What military aid has France sent to Ukraine? ›

Q. – As we mentioned this morning in “Les Matins LCI”, Emmanuel Macron yesterday announced the delivery of tanks to Ukraine by France. It's the first time Western-designed tanks are going to be supplied to the Ukrainian armed forces.


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