Chris Tyson has started 'life-saving' hormone replacement therapy (2023)

YouTube star MrBeast's sidekick Chris Tyson has revealed he started 'life-saving' hormone replacement therapy two months ago.

Tyson, 26, who says he uses any pronouns, revealed how his physical appearance 'has already started to change' after two months of treatment.

The star, who has appeared in scores of videos alongside YouTube's biggest star MrBeast, tweeted: 'Informed consent HRT saved my and many others' lives.The hurdlesgender non-conforming people have to jump through to get life-saving gender-affirming healthcare in a first world country is wild to me.

'Just let people make informed decisions about their own bodies.'

Tyson, who revealed he has struggled with gender dysphoria for years, said he decided to start HRT two months ago and that becoming a parent to his son helped with his decision to start the treatment.

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson and has 144 million subscribers on YouTube, showed his support for his co-star by replying 'Gotchu' to one of Tyson's tweets.

YouTube star MrBeast's sidekick Chris Tyson has revealed he started 'life-saving' hormone replacement therapy two months ago. Pictured: MrBeast (left) with Tyson (right) at the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards in LA on March 4, 2023. At this time, Tyson says he had already started his treatment

Tyson is pictured in 2019 - before he started his hormone replacement treatment

Tyson, who revealed he has struggled with gender dysphoria for years, said he decided to start HRT two months ago. Pictured: Tyson with his wife Katie Tyson in 2019

MrBeast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson and has 144 million subscribers on YouTube, showed his support for his co-star by replying 'Gotchu' to one of Tyson's tweets

(Video) MrBeast YouTube Star Chris Tyson Undergoing Hormone Replacement Therapy

People assigned male at birth are typically prescribed estrogen as it blocks testosterone and allows people to better align with their gender identity.

Tyson, has a two-year-old son called Tucker with Katie Tyson, who he married in June 2018. It is not clear what their relationship status is after the YouTuber announced his HRT treatment. Rumours have circulated on social media they have separated, but this has not been addressed by Tucker or Katie.

Tyson,who came out as bisexual in November 2020, credited Tucker with helping him get through his treatment. The YouTuber tweeted: 'If I didn't have this little nugget I'd never have gotten this far.

'He's taught me so much about myself in such a short time. I can't wait to learn through life together.'

The number of people who are transgender and who undergo surgery and hormone therapies to transition has increased sharply in recent years - particularly in the US.

Tyson revealed he was going through HRT after a Twitter user shared side-by-side photographs of him before and after the therapy, while asking 'bro wtf happened'.

'HRT, and it's only been two months,' Tyson wrote in response, adding that he had had been learning about gender dysmorphia for 21 years after discovering his sister's dresses in her closet.

He added: 'The amount of body positivity I've gotten in just two months is insane.'

Tyson, who came out as bisexual in November 2020, credited Tucker with helping him get through his treatment

Tyson, 26, (pictured last week) revealed how his physical appearance 'has already started to change' after two months of treatment

(Video) Chris Tyson | Before They Were Famous | MrBeast Co-Star & How HRT Therapy Saved His Life

Tyson tweeted it's 'never too late to be yourself' alongside a picture of him during the HRT treatment

Tyson has a two-year-old son called Tucker with Katie Tyson, who he married in June 2018 (pictured together). It is not clear what their relationship status is after the YouTuber announced his HRT treatment

Transitioning has many measurable benefits, including alleviating gender dysphoria for 80 percent of people who undergo the changes, improving their sex lives and overall quality of life.

But introducing higher levels of sex hormones is not without its risks, including raising the risks of heart attacks, strokes and blood clots, research says.

Experts from Mercy Catholic Medical Center in Darby, Pennsylvania, found in February that trans patients who take the drugs are up to seven timesmore likely to suffer an ischemic stroke compared to trans patients who are not prescribed them.

But Tyson said he was 'genuinely so glad' he had been able to teach people 'what HRT is and how it can and has helped so many people'.

“I was super nervous to be public about this because I’ve always been so private when it comes to this, but seeing conversations started because of me is amazing,” Tyson added.

MrBeast came to prominence when he donated thousands of dollars to small Twitch users and YouTubers. He is the most followed person on YouTube with 144 million followers.

Inspired by the Roald Dahl classic Charlie and the Chocolate factory, the multi-millionaire gave away $500,000 to a supporter in June.

He also gained major media attraction and attention for his real-life take on the Netflix series Squid Game, which saw the content creator recruit applicants to play real life games.

(Video) MrBeast YouTuber Chris Tyson Undergoes Hormone Replacement Therapy | E! News

Last month, MrBeast was lambasted online for gifting a young waitress a new car covered in logos as a tip - with several criticizing the gesture as a shameless publicity grab for his new chocolate venture.

The unorthodox gratuity was seen in a TikTok video posted on March 27, and serves as only the latest in a string of wild, lavish gifts dished out by the popular YouTuber.


Amy’s been getting to work without a car formonths, thanks to you we changed that :-)

♬ original sound - MrBeast

MrBeast - real name Jimmy Donaldson - was lambasted online last month for gifting a young waitress a car covered in logos as a tip - with many criticizing the gesture as a shameless publicity grab

The car - a black Toyata sedan - was plastered with ads for Donaldson's latest business venture, his four-ingredient Feastables chocolates.Straight from the factory, the car would usually cost at least $21,500, per Kelley Blue Book

In the 42-second clip, MrBeast is seen sitting at a nondescript restaurant while speaking to his server.

Accompanied by a cameraman, Donaldson asks the server about the biggest tip she's ever received. When she replies $50, he hands her the keys to a black Toyota Corolla parked outside - which he billed as her 'brand new car.'

The video then cuts to Donaldson, 24, leading the young girl to her new ride - with the restaurant worker evidently left in awe by the gesture.

The video, however, was met with mixed reception, with many pointing out how the car was plastered with ads and the fact the server could not actually drive. Straight from the factory, the car would usually cost at least $21,500, per Kelley Blue Book.

In February, Mr Beast hit back at critics who slammed him for paying to cure 1,000 people's blindness.

The YouTube star posted video showing sufferers with severe cataracts undergoing surgery paid for by the millionaire.The sufferers are then able to see following the surgery, with the help of a the non-profit eye care organization, See.

(Video) Chris Tyson | Before & After | MrBeast's Co-Star HRT Transformation

But some online said the video was 'demonic', showing how sufferers could only receive the surgery by becoming online content for a rich YouTuber instead of getting the necessary treatment from the government.

One Twitter post retweeted thousands of times read: 'There is something so demonic about this and I can't even article what it is.'

Another said: 'What's grotesque about it is that such a life changing treatment exists and the only way these people can access it is be becoming "content".'

The world's biggest YouTuber MrBeast has hit back at critics who slammed him for paying to cure 1,000 people's blindness

Some also claimed MrBeast, who was YouTube's highest-earning creator in 2021, earning an estimated $54million that year alone, was exploiting the sufferers to gain more fame and accrue more wealth for himself.

But the YouTuber hit back, saying: 'Twitter - Rich people should help others with their money.

'Me - Okay, I’ll use my money to help people and I promise to give away all my money before I die. Every single penny.

'Twitter - MrBeast bad.'

He also added: 'I don’t understand why curable blindness is a thing. Why don’t governments step in and help?

'Even if you’re thinking purely from a financial standpoint it’s hard to see how they don’t roi on taxes from people being able to work again.'

Donaldson is known for his outlandish stunts which include videos of him being buried alive for 50 hours, and another where the last person to take their hand off a private jet gets to keep the plane.

In addition to being YouTube's most subscribed individual, he is also one of the website's highest earners.

(Video) This Mr Beast Youtuber Chris Tyson Has COME OUT As Trans And The Internet Is Divided..😶

In his video, he also gave away $10,000 to a number of cataracts patients, bought one a Tesla, and even donated $50,000 to another's college fund. He also donated $100,000 to See.

According to the nonprofit, cataract surgery costs an average of $3,500 per eye.

In the video, MrBeast shows patients getting their bandages removed after surgery, and shows their reaction. For many of them it was the first time they were able to see properly in decades.


Chris Tyson has started 'life-saving' hormone replacement therapy? ›

Chris Tyson, Youtube star known for appearing alongside MrBeast, revealed they have started hormone replacement therapy. On Wednesday, the 26-year-old — whose Twitter profile states that they go by "any pronouns" — shared last week they began the treatments two months ago.

How much is Chris Tyson's net worth? ›

As of now, Tyson's net worth stands at around $4 million. What is this? Chris Tyson used to upload gaming content and vlogs on his channel before his collaboration with MrBeast.

What did Chris change his name to? ›

Chris McCandless changes his name to Alexander Supertramp in the book Into the Wild as a demonstration of independence from his past; he also burns his Social Security Card and gives up his possessions.

What does hormone replacement therapy do? ›

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) is a treatment used to relieve symptoms of the menopause. It replaces the female hormones that are at a lower level as you experience the menopause. Oestrogen and progesterone are female hormones that play important roles in a woman's body.

How much does Chris make a year from MrBeast? ›

Chris Tyson MrBeast

Through his appearances on MrBeast videos, Chris Tyson has earned over $3 million over the years. These earnings also include his contributions are digital marketing and content creator for MrBeast channels. Chris Tyson is a wise investor.

Did Chris and his wife split up MrBeast? ›

Chris and Katie split up back in 2022

After being asked numerous times about their relationship status, Chris finally relented and told the fans that he and Katie had actually split up the previous year and were going through the process of a divorce.

How much does MrBeast make? ›

Many have attempted to accurately pinpoint MrBeast's net worth. One website suggests MrBeast's net worth is approximately $25 million, as of January 2023. Social Blade estimates that on his main channel alone, MrBeast has generated up to $40 million in yearly earnings.

What did Chris do with all of his money? ›

He had received a bequest from a family friend, but instead of using the money that remained (about $24,000) to attend law school, as McCandless's parents assumed he would, he donated it to OXFAM America, a charity dedicated to fighting hunger.

What caused Chris to resent his father? ›

Chris felt anger and contempt towards his parents, he often treated them indifferently and took them for granted. Chris felt his parents were materialistic, and that his father used the money to manipulate people. He even felt his father used money and material things to manipulate him into doing well in school.

Why did Chris quit his job? ›

He tells them he quit his job because he was tired of the "plastic people" he worked with. McCandless stays with Jan and Bob at "the Slabs," the remnants of a demolished Navy air base that has become home to a community of drifters.

Does vitamin D increase estrogen? ›

A Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center study involving postmenopausal, overweight, and obese women who took 2,000 IUs of vitamin D daily for a year found that those whose vitamin D blood levels increased the most had the greatest reductions in blood estrogens, which are a known risk factor for breast cancer.

Can a 70 year old woman take HRT? ›

There is no specific age cut-off for starting HRT.

Should a 70 year old woman take estrogen? ›

There is good news for older women age who are experiencing menopause symptoms like hot flashes and night sweats. You can safely get relief with hormone therapy (HT), according to the North American Menopause Society (NAMS).

How old is Chris MD? ›

Is Chris Tyson still married? ›

In March 2023, Chris announced that they had divorced in the summer of 2022.

How much does MrBeast pay Chandler? ›

So, how much does MrBeast pay Chandler? Well, Chandler is paid a salary of $100,000 per month by MrBeast. In addition to his salary, Chandler also receives a percentage of the ad revenue generated by his videos. It is estimated that Chandler makes an additional $250,000 per month from ad revenue.

Did Chris leave his wife and kid? ›

Despite these rumors, the couple is still together and often posts pictures of their son on social media.

How did Chris meet his wife? ›

Hemsworth and Pataky were introduced in 2010 via the actor's talent agent. By September of that year, they were officially a couple, making their red carpet debut at the Opening Gala for the Resnick Pavilion at the Los Angeles Museum of Art.

Did Chris leave his wife for Karl? ›

First of all, Chris Tyson has not divorced his wife Katie, despite a number of rumors floating around on social media. And sadly, the so-called Karl Effect is to be blamed for these rumors. Some MrBeast fans incorrectly suggested that Chris had a change in sexuality and that he left his wife and son for Karl.

Does Chandler from MrBeast have a disability? ›

Despite his colorblindness, Chandler has never let it stop him from living his life to the fullest. He continues to create videos that his fans love, and he has even used his platform to raise awareness about colorblindness and other vision impairments.

How much money is MrBeast making from Beast Burger? ›

MrBeast has accomplished a remarkable feat by breaking the record for the most burgers sold in a single day. Despite each burger costing around $2 to produce, MrBeast's virtual restaurant has generated over $150,000,000 in revenue.

Who gives Chris a job but doesn't pay Chris? ›

While hitchhiking, he met a man known as "Crazy Ernie," who offered him work at a rundown ranch in northern California. After working at the ranch for 11 days, however, McCandless realized that Crazy Ernie was never going to pay him, so he left the ranch and resumed hitchhiking.

Why did Chris spend a night in jail? ›

He spent a night in jail after being caught coming back into the US with no ID. McCandless was able to spring himself from jail but had to leave his beloved handgun behind.

What did Chris have with him in Alaska? ›

Chris traveled incredibly lightly when he left the main trail to travel through the Alaskan wilderness. According to the book written on McCandless' journey by John Krakauer, McCandless took only a 10 lb. bag of rice, a guide to the region's edible plants, a . 22-caliber rifle and ammunition, and a camera.

What discovery did Chris make about his parents? ›

During his trip, he had discovered that his father had maintained a relationship with his first wife and his other children, heading two households. He had a son with his first wife after McCandless was born, before Walt and Billie moved to the East Coast.

Why did Chris feel such guilt over killing the moose? ›

He spends days trying to cure its meat so he can consume every part of the moose. But he preserves the meat incorrectly, with the result that it becomes infested with vermin and therefore inedible. McCandless must leave the moose carcass for the wolves, which leaves him feeling deeply guilty.

What did Chris set up his final camp in? ›

Summary and Analysis Chapter 6. McCandless sets up camp along the badlands abutting the Salton Sea, not far from a gathering of aging hippies, itinerant and indigent families, nudists, and snowbirds set up in an area they call Oh-My-God Hot Springs.

How does Chris do make money? ›

Chris Do is an Emmy award winning designer, director, CEO, and chief strategist of Blind. He's the founder of the future, an online education platform with a mission of teaching 1 billion people, how to make a doing what they love.

What did Chris parents do for a living? ›

His father, Walt McCandless, was an aerospace engineer; Chris's mother, Billie, was his business partner.

Where does Chris go after he gets the job? ›

While he's in Bullhead, Chris gets a job flipping burgers at McDonald's. When he leaves Bullhead, Chris goes to an abandoned navy air base called the Slabs in California to meet his friends, Jan and Bob.

Does b12 increase estrogen? ›

B vitamins play an important role in the creation and activation of estrogen in the body. Low levels of these vitamins can lead to reduced levels of estrogen.

At what age should a woman stop taking estrogen? ›

And how do you go about it? If you are healthy, most experts agree that HRT is safe to use at the lowest dose that helps for the shortest time needed. If you're 59 or older, or have been on hormones for 5 years, you should talk to your doctor about quitting.

Can I stay on HRT for life? ›

There's no limit on how long you can take HRT, but talk to a GP about how long they recommend you take the treatment. Most women stop taking it once their menopausal symptoms pass, which is usually after a few years.

What happens if you take HRT for too long? ›

HRT was associated with increased risk of faecal incontinence, fibroids, gallbladder disease and gallstones, hearing loss, joint swelling, rheumatoid arthritis, and urinary incontinence (68,69,97,112–116).

Does HRT make you look younger? ›

HRT is also known to help women maintain softer, smoother skin, resulting in a younger look. In addition to—and, often, as a result of—these physical changes, HRT often changes how you see yourself.

Do you age faster without estrogen? ›

Menopause has long been known to reduce estrogen levels in women. This hormone is important for keeping your skin hydrated and elastic. So, when your body stops producing estrogen, your skin will lose its thickness, become dry, and develop wrinkles, which leads to making you appear older.

Can I have HRT at 73? ›

It is not common to start hormone therapy for bone health at or after the age of 60. By the age of 60, arteries are generally stiffer and women at this age are more at risk of cardiovascular disease, hence commencing hormone therapy may increase their risk of cardiovascular disease or events.

Does high estrogen make you look younger? ›

Your skin also becomes thinner, because the levels of collagen and elastin also dip along with estrogen. The hormone estrogen is responsible for making skin look younger due to the hyaluronic acid it produces. Estrogen not only affects your skin but also your muscle mass, metabolism, and energy levels.

How much is Michael Mike Tyson worth? ›

What is Mike Tyson's net worth right now? According to Celebrity Net Worth, Mike Tyson's current net worth is $10 million.

How much does MrBeast pay his crew? ›

He has given away over $1 million dollars in total. His most recent video is where he gives $100,000 to 100 people. So, how much does MrBeast pay Chandler? Well, Chandler is paid a salary of $100,000 per month by MrBeast.

How much money does John Tyson have? ›

Why was Mike Tyson so rich? ›

Mike Tyson made and spent a fortune. The 56-year-old earned $30 million paydays in boxing at the peak of his powers. And prior to filing for bankruptcy, he spent on a wild list of things that included pet tigers.

How much is Evander Holyfield's net worth? ›

In the past he was unable to manage his fortune, which was close to 250 million dollars, and now he may even be forced to sell his most treasured possession: one of his cars. The American was declared bankrupt after retiring and is now worth $500,000.

Who is the richest boxer of all time? ›

Floyd Mayweather Net Worth

Floyd Mayweather is a world-renowned American boxing champion and promoter. Floyd Mayweather's net worth is $450 million. That makes him the richest boxer of all time. Floyd's total career earnings, as of this writing, top $1.1 billion.

How much was Muhammad Ali worth when he died? ›

Despite these challenges, Ali's estate was valued at around $80 million at the time of his death.

How much does the Tyson CEO make a year? ›

Total Compensation $4,641,961

For its 2022 fiscal year, TYSON FOODS INC -CL A, listed the following CEO pay ratio data on its annual proxy statement to the SEC.

Who owns the most shares of Tyson? ›

Tyson Foods is not owned by hedge funds. Looking at our data, we can see that the largest shareholder is Tyson Limited Partnership with 20% of shares outstanding. The Vanguard Group, Inc. is the second largest shareholder owning 11% of common stock, and BlackRock, Inc. holds about 7.1% of the company stock.

Who is Tyson owned by? ›

John Tyson is chairman of Tyson Foods, which produces about 20% of America's beef, pork and chicken. The conglomerate owns beloved brands like Hillshire Farms, Jimmy Dean and Aidells sausages. Tyson Foods was originally founded by his grandfather in 1935.

What was Mike Tyson in debt for? ›

In 2003, Tyson had filed for bankruptcy. In 2003, an article in the New York Times stated that Mike Tyson made $400 million in the last 20 years but lost it all. As per the article, back then Tyson owed $13.4 million to the Internal Revenue Service. He owed a lot of money to law firms, trainer and the list went on.

What did Mike Tyson spend most of his money on? ›

Tyson's own explanation for blowing 500m dollars

Tyson himself has shed light on the matter stating how he spent his million on rehab. "My last million dollars was spent on my rehabilitation because, of the approximately 500 million that I made as a boxer, I had nothing left," Tyson said on the Pivot podcast.

How much does Mike Tyson make per fight? ›

Mike Tyson earned $7.5 million per fight on average during his boxing career. 'Iron Mike' was a professional boxer from 1985 to 2005.


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